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Exodus, de (online) tentoonstelling
29-11-2022 - 24-03-2023

Exodus, de (online) tentoonstelling

Van Herwaarden's monumental collage 'The History of Exodus' can be seen in the online exhibition EXODUS, a selection of 60 works where a jury ultimately chooses 24 works of art for the exhibition in Buitenplaats Doornburgh from March 24 to September 23, 2023. Click here for online presentation

Caren van Herwaarden attempted to capture human endeavors and human shortcomings in one work. It resulted in a wall-filling collage on paper: a recurring parade of flights, coming home, struggle and reconciliation.

Often a story forms the impetus for Van Herwaarden's work. Exodus is such a story, a timeless theme that is unfortunately not limited to the flight from Egypt, the harsh journey through the desert. The History of Exodus focuses on the stories of refugees. The book These are the names by Tommy Wieringa was also an inspiration. The form of the work, which allows you to read it as it were, is inspired by the old calendar icons of the Orthodox Russian Church.

In her work you see many groups of people. It is a way for her to see connections, to determine her position in relation to the other. But also to place oneself in a moral tradition. The History of Exodus is a collection of human urges: good and bad.