caren van herwaarden

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Van Herwaarden shows a series of powerful charcoal drawings in which the construction of the human body is central.

From 11 March to the end of April 2021 you are welcome to visit Works on Paper II. Exclusively work on paper by renowned and young artists.

"On paper" is strong and vulnerable at the same time and you can vary enormously on and with it: from delicate drawings and fierce paintings to exuberant collages and everything in between or around them.
We would like to show you the variation in tranquility and exuberance that we have brought together with the artists below.

Salomé Roodenburg - Margo van Berkum - Charlotte Mouwens - Max Kisman- Maaike Kramer - Leo van Veldhuizen - Choi Wong - Sabine Liedtke - Caren van Herwaarden - Kevin Nieuwenhuijs - Simon Uyterlinde - Marijn van Wilsum - Hanna de Haan

Address: Mgr. van de Weteringstraat 69, 3581 ED Utrecht. You can make an appointment via

Arnoud van Mosselveld: 06 - 46117990 -
Marcel Lebon: 06 - 23436862 -