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Exodus, de (online) tentoonstelling
29-11-2022 - 24-06-2023

Exodus, de (online) tentoonstelling

Van Herwaarden's monumental collage 'The History of Exodus' can be seen in the online exhibition EXODUS, a selection of 60 works, click here for online presentation

Caren van Herwaarden attempted to capture human endeavors and human shortcomings in one work. It resulted in a wall-filling collage on paper: a recurring parade of flights, coming home, struggle and reconciliation. Often a story forms the impetus for Van Herwaarden's work. Exodus is such a story, a timeless theme that is unfortunately not limited to the flight from Egypt, the harsh journey through the desert. The History of Exodus focuses on the stories of refugees. The book These are the names by Tommy Wieringa was also an inspiration. The form of the work, which allows you to read it as it were, is inspired by the old calendar icons of the Orthodox Russian Church.


The Art of Belonging, LUMC galerie
08-06-2023 - 21-08-2023

The Art of Belonging, LUMC galerie

'The Art of Belonging', LUMC gallery, Leiden

In a unique collaboration with Leyden Academy on Vitality and Aging, the Gallery in Leiden University Medical Center brings together work by artists who have depicted the human connection and connection with the elderly in recent years under the title 'The Art of Belonging'. With work by Danielle van Ark, Melanie Bonajo, Louise Bourgeois in collaboration with Alex van Gelder Deanne Dikeman, Caren van Herwaarden, Jane van Herwijnen, Janine Schrijver, Bert Sissingh and Joost van Wijmen.

Curators: Sandrine van Noort (Head of Art Affairs LUMC) and Professor Tineke Abma (Professor LUMC and Director of Leyden Academy) In honor of the appointment of Professor Abma, Professor of Parent Participation at LUMC

Opening: June 2023, finnisage: August 2023

The selection represents the human desire of the elderly for contact in a society that is becoming increasingly fragmented. Through their work, the artists provide insight into the desire for connection, the resilient attempts to stay connected, the sadness of difficult or broken contact, but also resistance to stereotyped images of the elderly. The artists depict alternatives and offer a glimpse into a more inclusive world.