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TOUCH is the title of my new book. The previous book Stay!/Stay! is sold out, so it was high time for a new publication. TOUCH contains a selection of works from the last ten years, it was published in May 2023 by publisher JapSamBooks and was presented on Sunday afternoon, May 21, 2023 in Museum De Pont, Tilburg.

It was an exciting process to make a selection of my own work from the past ten years. My work has become more earthy, and a third dimension has been added due to the use of textiles. Yet the same themes return in this book: carrying - being carried, comfort and threat within a group, the attraction and repulsion between individuals, the conflict between reason and drive.
In the book the works alternate from light transparency to ominously heavy, from fast to a compelling slow adagio. We thought of Bach's music: a keynote of layered, deeply felt, existential humanity alternates with playful vitality.

Designer: Ruud Willems
Publisher: JapSamBooks

Authors (texts are Dutch/English, translation Lloyd Haft)

- Merel Bem - author, teacher, art historian and copywriter (writes for Volkskrant, among others)
- Gustan Asselbergs - philosopher, author, musician (percussion)
- Ludo van Halem - art historian, curator

Technical data
Size: 28 x 24 cm, bound, linen softcover with loose paper binding
144 pages, 2 paper types

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