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Recently a few boxes were found in storage in Amsterdam, so there are still a few copies for sale, at 29.50 € plus shipping costs. Send an email to

Stay! contains a selection of works on paper from 2005 to 2010. Together with designer Ruud Willems, Caren van Herwaarden embarked on the adventure to make a special book. It has become a Dutch / English book with a vital, intuitive composition: without formal logic, chronology, not arranged by subject or technique but with pages in which the works "rhyme" with each other.

The book contains texts and quotes that together with the images (and sometimes over the images) yield a new image. The catalog evokes the sensory, associative atmosphere that is representative of Van Herwaarden's way of looking and working.

Diana D. Wind, director of the Municipal Museum of Schiedam, wrote an introductory text for Stay !, in which she connects in an associative way between the work of Van Herwaarden and that of artists from times past such as Giotto and Michelangelo, but also of contemporary video artist Bill Viola. In addition, the book includes quotes from texts that have been written in recent years about the work of Caren van Herwaarden by, among others, Ludo van Halem, curator of Modern Art Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and Arno Kramer, visual artist and curator of exhibitions of contemporary drawing. Lloyd Haft gave his generous permission to publish two of his poems in Stay!

Design: Ruud Willems. Publisher: Timmer Art Books, Oosterhout.

Dutch / English edition, 96 pages, 25 x 25 cm format, hardcover, sewn and bound


Price: € 29.50

Stay! is sold out due to the success of the exhibition in Het Noordbrabants Museum in 2019, unfortunately you can no longer order the book ....