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For the fourth time, Van Herwaarden has been asked by Art Affairs of the LUMC (Leids University Medical Center) to be part of the Honors class 'Looking is (healing) art' as an artist. Because artists and medical students have in common that they want to look deeper, through the skin, at what is happening inside the body.

The honors class offers a special program in the students' curriculum so that they learn to look differently through encounters with art and artists. This special module appears to be very helpful in - among other things - diagnosing patients. Leiden University is organizing the Honors Class in collaboration with Art Affairs LUMC a series of lectures and studio visits.
Daphne Voormolen, fetal medicine physician, and Caren Van Herwaarden, visual artist, will both give a lecture for the participants in the Honors class on March 28, 2024, followed by a conversation. The topic of their lectures concerns Art and Empathy. Daphne Voormolen is also founder and chairman of the Art Salon Foundation.

In the summer of 2023, Van Herwaarden is working on an assignment for a mural in the Willem 2 Factory in 's-Hertogenbosch: Bodybuilding, size 470 x 3.66 m, acrylic on plastered wall.

After 10 years it's time for a new book. Together with publisher Eleonoor Jap Sam (JAPSAMBOKS) and designer Ruud Willems I am working on a new book TOUCH. My work has become darker, rawer, material, heavier and layered in recent years. To increase intimacy and empathy, I want to make my work as physical and tangible as possible. Like you can hold it and smell it. This is exactly what I want to achieve with the TOUCH: I see a book in front of me that sits close to your skin and does not let go: sensual, material, passionate, palpable, tangible, vulnerable, visible, alive, longing, concealing and revealing at the same time. With authors: Merel Bem, Ludo van Halem and Gustan Asselbergs. TOUCH will be released in the spring of 2023 and will be presented in the De Pont museum. You can already register for TOUCH via

Studio Visit. Are you interested in purchasing a work, or do you want to see a specific work in real life? Please let me know, my studio is open by appointment for serious buyers/visitors, you are very welcome.


Special priced watercolors for sale: you will find signed drawings and watercolors (original, in passe-partout with outer size 40 x 30 cm) 350 euros each, including 9% VAT and shipping costs. Outside the Netherlands 25 euros extra.



History, 2021, collage 300 x 450 cm tot nu toe 

My large drawings and watercolors of groups (humans or horses) have recently become more complex, more explosive. For me it's a way of seeing connections, they form a database of primal drives: from evil to benign, ominous to intimate.


 Adrift, 2021, watercolor, 265 x 304 cm, sold 

Drawing Inventions Academy (DIA) The supervisors are Arno Kramer, Marisa Rappard and Caren van Herwaarden. There are still places open for the 5th master track in September 2023. Information: