caren van herwaarden

curriculum vitae

Caren van Herwaarden moved from Amsterdam to the outskirts of 's-Hertogenbosch after 28 years. She works alternately in her studio in Amsterdam (WGplein) and 's-Hertogenbosch (Willem II factory)



1984 - 1985 Rijksakademy for visual arts, Amsterdam
1981 - 1986 AKI, academy for visual arts  , Enschede


2022 ‘TOUCHABLE’, Ballina Art Centre, Ireland, solo
  ‘VOUCH II’, The Valid Art Valet, Loods Zes, Amsterdam, group
  ‘AQUAVIT’, exhibition of contemporary, monumental watercolors by 13 Dutch artists. Cacaofabriek, Helmond, group
  ‘ARTROOM DELFT’, group
  ‘COLLAGE!’, Moving Gallery Utrecht, group
2021 ‘Hoopland’, Stormkop, Antwerpen, solo
2020 'SENSE OF DRAWING III' curator Arno Kramer chooses 16 artists, project space BMB, Amsterdam / group
  'CUT & TORN', Meerse Gallery, Hoofddorp/ group
  'AMUSE', Wilms gallery, Venlo/ group
  'QUARANTAINE', Melkfabriek, 's-Hertogenbosch/ group
2019 'SOTT, Sign Of The Times', Museum Jan Cunen, Oss / group
  Presentation Museum De Buitenplaats at Art The Hague, The Hague
  Art On Paper, contemporary drawing fair, Amsterdam
  'In Dialogue', Het Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch, duo with Leon Adriaans
  'VOUCH', Loods Zes, Amsterdam, group
2018 'Fragile We Are', Kadmium, Delft / duo with sculptur Helmie Brugman
  'Art4Kids', Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam / group
  'Off the Wall', Cloudgallery, Amsterdam, spatial collages with/on paper, curator Titia Voûte/ group
  'Nothing But Good', Park, Tilburg / group 
  'Drawings', galerie Schlessart, Bergen, group
   'GUM' (eraser), Cacaofabriek, Helmond / group
  'Drawings', Museum De Buitenplaats, Eelde / group 
  'A Drift', exhibition WG expozaal, Amsterdam / group
  'Larger Than Life', installation for Chapel of Pathological Anatomical Laboratory, Amsterdam / duo with Gijs Assmann
  'From the collection' of VBCN- vereniging company-collection, Szépm?vészeti Múzeum, Fine Arts, Boedapest / group
2017 'Horses', Toonzaal Grave, Grave / solo
  'I Am Here', a plea for Presence', Galerie Lutz, Delft / duo with Eva Klee
  'Human Chain', Dutch Contemporary Drawings, Ballina Arts Centre, Ballina, Co.Mayo, Ireland / groep
  'Drawing Cabinet', jubilee exhibition, Museum Waterland, Purmerend / group
2016 'Van Gogh's Mini's, 80 View Boxes, 80 artists', Museum MOTI, Breda / Curator Cornel Bierens, group
  'Love, Me and the Other, The Other and Me', BKKC, Tilburg / group
  'From the Dutch Collection', museum Lazienki Krolewski, Warschau / group
  'Drawings', galerie Witteveen Visual Arts, Amsterdam / group
2015 'Anything But Homeless', a choice from the NOG collection, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Schiedam/ group
  'Drawingfestival II', Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam / group
  'MEDITATIES', Museum for Religious Art, Uden / group
Curator Wouter Prins, met Marina Abramovic (VS), Narda Beunders – Aldo van Eyck, Caren van Herwaarden, Madelon Hooykaas, Alexej von Jawlensky (Du), Saskia Janssen,Rob Sweere, Birgitta de Vos.
  'Through the Looking Glass, and What I Found There', De Vishal, Haarlem / group
2014 'He, She, We', galerie Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg / duo with Gijs Assmann
  Presentation The Annual Print, stichting Archeopteryx, Amsterdam
2013 'Two Solo’s', Drawing Centre Diepenheim, Diepenheim / solo
  'Living, Looking, Longing', Galerie Lutz, Delft / duo met Arno Kramer
2012 'Point of View', galerie 37, Haarlem / duo with Sandra Kruisbrink
  'WG Operation Room', installation with visual artist Jeroen Kee, WG kunst, Amsterdam
  'Aphrodite', De Vishal, Haarlem / group
  'The Absurd', Espace Enny, Laag Keppel en Tricot Winterwijk, Winterswijk / group
2011 'Book presentation Blijf!/Stay!', museum De Pont, Tilburg
  'Image', galerie Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg / duo with sculptur Niko de Wit
  'All about Drawing, 100 Dutch Drafters after 1945',Municipal Museum Schiedam / group
curatoren Arno Kramer en Diana A. Wind.
2010 'Collages", in Brummelkampgalerie en showcases of AMC, Amsterdam / duo with Sandra Kruisbrink
  'Different Tracks', Kunsthal 52, Den Helder / group
  'Winterreise', galerie Studio van Dusseldorp Tilburg, curator Marc Mulders / group
  'A Different Face', Municipal Museum Kampen with Marlene Dumas, Constant, Arnulf Rainer / group
2009 'Intensive Care', Het Oude Raadhuis, Hoofddorp / solo
  'Tefaf side-kick', Reuten en Reuten, Maastricht, group
  'In Miniaturer', Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg / group
  'Full of Passsion', Main Kerk in Breda with Albert Servaes (1883-1966) / duo with Marc Mulders, Marc Dejonkcheere foto's
2008 - 2009 'High Eyes', Municipal Museum Schiedam / duo with Erzsèbet Baerveldt
2008 ANANSI, SBK, Amsterdam / group
  'In the Sign of Poetry ' , Het Oude Raadhuis, Hoofddorp / group
2007 'Du bist die Ruhe' (You are Calmness), Galerie 25 Limited, Amsterdam, curator Jan Hein Sassen, oud-conservator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / solo
  'New Loans Groningen 2007', Der Aa Church, Groningen / group
  'The New Dutch Watercolor', selectie uit de Hollandsche Aquarellisten Kring, Museum Rijswijk / groep
  '25 Faces', curator Arno Kramer, Galerie 25 Limited, Amsterdam / group
2006 'Water Works', Galerie 56, Tilburg / solo
  'Knockdown', Centrum Corrosia, Almere Haven / group
  'Pain, and Other Things' Galerie De Ruimte, IJmuiden / group
2005 'The Human Figure', Drawingcabinet Teylers Museum, anthology from the own collection from 1400 to the present / group
  'Almost Perfect', Municipal Museum Schiedam / groep
2004 'The Body Carries', Municipal Museum Roermond / duo with Jacomijn van der Donk
  -Brummelkamp Galerie AMC, Amsterdam / solo
2003 -Brummelkamp Galerie AMC, Amsterdam / solo
2002 Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam / group
  Emergo, manifestatie W.G. terrein / group
2001 'When We Come Close', Pinacoteca Civica (Municipal Museum)
  'Gallileo Cattabriga' te Bondeno, provincie Ferrara, Italië / solo
1999 'Watercolor?', De Zaaijer', Amsterdam / group
1998 The Dutch Bank, Amsterdam / solo
  Museum Naturalis, Opening Exhibition , Leiden / solo
1997 Galerie Oele, Amsterdam / solo
1996 'Ligne d'horizon', Maison de la Culture Frontenac, Montreal, Canada / groep
1994 'Man-Woman-Animal', Het Oude Raadhuis, Aalsmeer / solo
1993 'Watercolors', Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden / solo
  'Zeichnungen', International Drawings, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Duitsland / groep
1989 Galerie CriCri, Amsterdam / solo



  Akzo Nobel Art Foundation
  Ymere, Amsterdam 
  Teylers Museum, Haarlem
  De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam
  Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
  NOG collectie van het SNS REAAL Fonds
  Kunstcollectie AMC, Amsterdam
  Kunstcollectie LUMC, Leiden
  Naturalis, Museum voor Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden
  Anatomisch Museum, Leiden
  Pinacoteca Civica, (Stedelijk Museum) Bondeno, Italië
  SBK, Amsterdam
  SBK, Den Haag
  Artoteek Zuid Oost, Amsterdam
  Kunstcollectie Looyens- Loeff, Amsterdam
  Collectie Joop en An Groen, Vlaardingen
  Tekeningencollectie Henk van der Reijd
  Collection Cees Dam, Amsterdam


Travel / Residency's

2015 Artist in residence, The Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Ballycastle, Ierland
2012 Artist in residence, Rosario, Bever, België
2008 Artist in residence in geust studio ZIN, Vught, Nederland
2003 Artist in residence, Alcalalí, Spanje
1997 - 1998 Travelgrant & Artist in residence, Callosa d'Altería, Spanje


Side activities

2021-until present Adult education, Phoenixcentrum, Veghel
2020-until present

DIA Adviser (Drawing Inventions Academy) As a Dia adviser, Van Herwaarden guides 12 fellow artists in a half-yearly master's program. The other two advisors are Arno Kramer (founder) and Marisa Rappart.

Participation in LUMC Honors Class: looking is the art. As an artist I receive medical students in my studio and look at and talk to them about art

2018-2022 With Ludo van Halem, Van Herwaarden is guest-curator for the Cacaofabriek in Helmond. They organize a  retrospective exhibition with monumental, contemporary watercolors: AQUAVIT. Spring 2022
2018 In cooperation with choreographer Nishant Bhola, Van Herwaarden develops art / dance workshops for vulnerable elderly people. Organization: Time of your life, Roosendaal
2005 until present Van Herwaarden develops workshops and thematic lectures from her visual arts. Very suitable as company training. As a trainer / coach she regularly works at Zin in Werk, a monastery for spirituality and meaning in Vught.



2011 'I touch', in 2011 made by Herwaarden by order of the Department of Embryology-Pathology i.s.m. AMC Kunstzaken. I Touch is a wood relief for the relatives of people who made their bodies available to science.This work is situated in the AMC's Stiltecenter and can be seen there 24 hours a day.
2004 ‘Anatomical Lesson’ , commissioned by AMC Kunststichting, circulation 50 pieces
1996 Design and execution mural for the cutting room, Anatomical Embryological Laboratory, Leiden

Bibliography - publications

2023 (expected) TOUCH, monograph with work from the last ten years. Designer Ruud Willems, Publisher JAPSAMBOOKS, Prinsenbeek
2022 'On the Wonders of Bodies', interview Helen Falconer with Caren van Herwaarden about exhibition Touchables, Western People, Ierland
  Touchable, openingtext Arno Kramer at the Ballina Art Centre, Ierland
  'Collage!', part of openingtext Cornel Bierens, Moving Gallery, Utrecht
2021 'Please Touch Me (Not)', 22 works, included in the book 'Image stories about involvement at a distance, stories after Corona', publisher Zorgbalans, Haarlem
  'Hopeland', poetry-image bundle with poems by Chris van Lenteren, publisher 'Interactive Academy', Antwerp
2018 'Paper carries the image', interview in Pandora magazine, by Ruud Vermeer and Lizan van Dijk
2017 'Dear Eraser', own text for eraser book by Paul Dirks
2016 'The studio', Alex de Vries about Caren van Herwaarden in Mister Motley
2015 2015 'Nothing But Good', own text about Francisco de Zurbaràn, art blog Nothing But Good
'Make something That Reminds Us of Anything', Wouter Prins, Meditations catalogue
 2013 'An onion, about presence and absence', text by Saskia Monshauer for
opening exhibition Delft
'Love Baby', by Meta Knol, for opening solo in Drawing Center Diepenheim
2010 "STAY! / STAY!", Dutch / English-language catalog published by TAB (Timmer Art Books) 96 pages full color, bound, hard cover. Specially written for this catalog: 'If you can not love, you are a poor person', by Diana A. Wind, director Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.
2008 'Spiritual art in Schiedam' Sandra Smets, NRC Handelsblad
  'Timeless embrace', Anne Berk, Het Financieele Dagblad
  Koert van de Velde, Dagblad Trouw
  'High Eyes', Bulletin text for Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
2007 Poetry poster in cooperation with Marc Tritsmans(poet) Stichting Plint, Eindhoven
  'Art of the Day' by Arno Kramer,
2006 'The power of vulnerability', by Rob Perreé
2005 'The thirsty Muse ', Caren van Herwaarden, in: A circle for water, 60th anniversary of the Dutch Aquarellist Circle
  'Image Wins the War', by Caren van Herwaarden, HTV magazine
  'Almost Perfect', Ludo van Halem, Bulletin Municipal Museum Schiedam nummer 4
2004 'The Magic of Stains', Janneke Wesseling, AMC Magazine, januari 2004
  'Stain becomes Human', Publication of Stedelijk Museum Roermond for the exhibition The Body Carries
  'Bach, and the Art of Watercolor' by Simon Knepper, AMC Magazine
  'The Body Carries', Ridsert Hoekstra, Stedelijk Museum Roermond
  'The Anatomical Lesson ', lecture in the Concertgebouw by Jan Hein Sassen, former curator Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  'People in multiple ', by Janneke Wesseling, AMC Magazine december 2004
2001 'Quando ci si avvincina / When We Come Close', Bondeno, exhibition catalog, Pinacoteca Civica Galileo Cattabriga
  'Comfortparade', interview by Esther Polak in catalog 'When We Come Close'
1992 'Creoon', drawings and poems (Wim van Broekhoven) Uitgeverij De Uitgevers, Utrecht
1991 'Ode to Vladimir Majakovski', edition 25 pieces, handmade
1988 NRC handelsblad Cultureel Supplement, Rob Smolders
1986 'The beauty of the electricity pylons in the Dutch landscape 'Uitgeverij De Hef, Rotterdam
  tv- interview NCRV cultuurprogramma


2009 Participant of the Movement of Mercy
  Member of the Council of Imagination, advisory body ZINklooster, Vught
2004 Member Hollandsche Aquarellistenkring (HAK)
2002 Organisation EMERGO, Artmanifestation atelierWG, Amsterdam
1994 - 1996 Workperiod Anatomisch Museum, Leiden
1992 - 1993 Workperiod National Natuurhistorical Museum, Leiden concluded with a lecture