caren van herwaarden

source studies

These drawings and watercolors are drawn from the model, usually in short 3 minute positions. With thanks and in memory of my inspiring friend and colleague Rob Polak with whom I shared this passion for years.

'... Drawing from a model to me, is an extension of looking. It is a humus layer for my autonomous work. The skin of the model excludes me, it shields off. During drawing I am looking for wicks in that protective layer. I would carefully like to put my hand in it. Some places of the body seem to be made to offer comfort. The back of the neck, for example, seems to be designed as a bowl for the comforting hand. Or vice versa .... "

Troostparade, by Esther Polak
From: When We Come Close, catalog Italian / English for an exhibition Bondeno, Italy, 2000